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Kiddwaya shops to pepper Nengi, Davido shop Diamonds for Daughter, Laycon madly in love

Posted by  on November 19th, 2020.

Davido Adeleke

Davido Adeleke,  being a rich daddy, a philanthropist, a musician popularly known musician who’s topping the chart when it comes to music he has got 100 million downloaders in 3 DAYS Wow!! And his second daughter Haley whom he had with Amanda, the Georgia chic. He took her shopping in a diamond shopping mall in Atlanta Georgia so i speak to you right now he’s in georgia and this is happening right now at the diamond shop. So as i speak to you right now davido is in atlanta georgia with his daughter shopping in the biggest mall in atlanta, can you beat this? As young as she is, she’s cruising with diamonds everywhere, the dad said take the most expensive diamond i have money,  daddy has money, he was saying tell everyone that my daddy has money, my daddy is a rich man. The girl was just laughing seeing him say my dad is a rich man, my daddy has money so choose any one you want, whatever you want, choose it. She was asked to choose earrings,  what she wanted.  Her dad choose something else  but she choose what she really liked. So this is what money can do, he also gave her a huge amount of money, she is just three years old wow this is wonderful.  Haley Adeleke is so cute well congratulations Davido.


if you know of fraud from the former BB Naija housemate, was attacked by some guys damaging his car, this was so terrible. Back to laycon, a lady who has been tripping for laycon over the time has come out plain. She couldn’t hold it to herself again, she came out plain to attack laycon and told him what she really felt and why laycon is going after erica when he knows she loves him and wants him to be her lover and he’s busy following like erica that doesn’t even have his time. The bigger part of the narration was in yoruba she said it in yoruba, but she didn’t say it in english so i’ll have to explain to all of you what she was saying. She said,  “Laycon you know i’ve been voting for you, i voted for you while in the house, i used all my money, what is wrong with you? Why are you not seeing me? I used all my money to vote for you while in the house after that i went to loan money to also keep you in the house. I voted for you a always i kept voting for you and there was this time i even had to go and stand on the television screen while they were talking about why you were on screen like i was using my lips to touch the screen there to let you know that i love you. I was just shouting laycon i love you laycon i love you. You did not see all of that after i convinced a lot of people to vote for you to stay in the house yet you did not see all of that now that you’re out, i was thinking maybe you will think about me,  you will come and look out for me because my videos were everywhere of me licking the screen for you yet you did not come and look for me. I’ve sent you messages on your instagram handle i’ve sent a lot of messages, i’ve tagged you a lot of things, lots of pictures and videos yet you’re not looking out for me what do you want me to do? Yet you’re there liking erica that doesn’t even have your time. Laycon what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you see me? Why can’t you see me and leave erica that doesn’t even have your time”. That’s what this lady on instagram was talking about right now that why would laycon treat her like that. She has done everything possible to let laycon know that she really really loves him yet laycon is not seeing that fact, he’s busy chasing shadows chasing cloud chasing erica that doesn’t even have his time. Look at how laycon behaved at Dorothy’s birthday he was just there busy looking at erica who was busy discussing with dorothy, erica doesn’t have his time he should look out for her and see that he loves her. The girl on instagram also said “Listen to this, if not for the love that i have for you i would have said that you’re a fool but i won’t say it because i love you. Now listen to me and listen good, here is a piece of advice for you i am not asking you to be a proud person but i am saying have some pride. Laycon, i fell in love with you because i see you as an intelligent guy, you are intelligent, you are brainy so what’s your problem? If this girl doesn’t want you let her be, i want you i love you i’m looking for you but you’re not coming, what’s your problem? i think you should get rid of that dread on your head, you need to barb that hair so when you barb the hair, the breeze will enter into your head then you will see who loves you and who doesn’t love you because you should stop loving who doesn’t love you because i love you, i love you so very much”.


Ozo’s fan meets him on the road and hugs him while others were shouting and saying leave ozo alone before nengi comes after you. She said she’s going to tell Nengi, the sister should leave ozo alone stop hugging him like that i’ll tell nengi and then she will come after you


Beautiful star girl Erica who gave us the lights of love yesterday with her beautiful songs and beautiful voices oh my god this girl is so so amazing wow.


You know guys while in the house most people said kidwaya could not dress, he used to wear clothes that are thorned, have holes everywhere and Vee came out to let them know that london children don’t really value clothes, so long as they have all they need, they are already rich they have their money, what is clothes when they know they can afford it, so whatever comes to them they wear. It’s not their business whether the clothes is clean, thorned or whatsoever. Knowing fully well that Erica his girlfriend is a beauty and fashion queen, she loves fashion alone but kidwaya is not bothered but recently after he was attacked by nengi, saying he used to wear thorned clothes in the house and that he does not really know how to dress. He decided to pepper those ones by going for shopping to shop for the best even before he’s been wearing some kind of beautiful and handsome looking clothes very good designers but today they decided to pepper some people.


Song Sia Ft. Burna Boy – Hey Boy (Remix) Song VIDEO: Wizkid ft. Burna Boy – Ginger Song Nandy Ft. Joeboy – Number One Song Sarkodie Ft. Moelogo – Come Back Song DJ StarKeed – Charlie Dance Beat Song DJ Kaywise – Highway Ft. Phyno Song Broda Shaggi – Happy Day Song Movie: Soul (2020) Song Movie: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Song Sparkle Tee – Hustle Dot Com


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